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APCUG's Virtual Meetings

Virtual Conferences, Speakers Bureau Presentations, Virtual Special Interest Group Meetings, Vendor Webinars, Training Sessions on iLinc, etc.

APCUG has been holding conferences in various cities in the United States since it was initially formed in 1989. APCUG is augmenting the Conferences in the real world with an ongoing series of Virtual Conferences in Cyberspace.

Cyberspace is growing more important in the world of technology;
we hope you join us in this innovative adventure.

To participate in a virtual meeting, please follow the below steps:
    Step 1: Register for the virtual meeting (see link below) – please register for both tracks
Step 2: You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your personal iLinc URL for the session. Please do not share this link with anyone else.
Step 3: The confirmation e-mail includes a link that will enable you to prepare your system ahead of time.

Detailed directions for registering plus screen shots may be found here

APCUG 2013 Spring Virtual Technology Conference Information

Register for Upcoming Events - External Site

How does a Virtual Conference Work

Virtual Conferences have two "Tracks," or two "Conference Rooms;" you will have a choice of two presentations you can attend at any time. You can choose one of those presentations and "go to that room" and watch and listen to a 45- to 50-minute presentation and ask questions of the speaker by typing your questions into a "public chat area." At the end of the presentation you will have 10 or 15 minutes before the next session starts. If you would like to change to the presentation in the other track, just close your current connection and click on the link for the other "Conference Room" and reconnect to iLinc in that session.

If you are scheduled to speak, it is recommended that you use a headset microphone. Please keep your mic muted except when you want to speak, unmute to speak, and then mute again to listen.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact APCUG’s Virtual Conference Committee at:

Handouts and Recordings from past virtual meetings

Stay up-to-date

If you would like to be notified of APCUG's Virtual Technology Conferences, please send an e-mail to virtualconferences@apcug.org. Please include your name and user group.

If you want to unsubscribe from the list, just send an email to virtualconferences@apcug.org with Remove in the Subject line.